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I CONFESS: Still some good men out there

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

I CONFESS: Still some good men out there

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WITH ALL the negative stories coming out of Barbados lately of lousy, cheating, husbands, I am compelled to write this story about a real man of God, a father and husband. This man could teach the men of Barbados what marriage and being in a relationship is all about.
I wish there was a way he could speak to the young men, and old ones as well.
The men of Barbados need to know, and respect their vows. Who better to teach them but this wonderful man?
This man is in his 50s, married for 34 plus years. He has a devoted wife and two wonderful kids. He loves the Lord first, though he loves his wife, kids, family and friends. 
They don’t make men like him anymore. I believe God broke the mould when he was born.
He is not perfect, as no one is, but in all the years he has been married, this man has never disrespected, belittled, or in any way caused his wife any grief.
They work together as a team, and the whole family does as a matter of fact. When you see one you can bet the others aren’t too far away. I don’t think there are many families like these anymore. When one hurts, the whole gang hurts. The love that sprouts from this Christian family is contagious. Their home is always filled with family and friends, everyone is welcome, no one is excluded.
Women throw themselves at him all the time. I know because he is my cousin by law.
He listens to their crap very carefully then he politely tells them, “I am sure you will. However I am very happy with my wife”.
Women longed to find men like him – a man who goes where he says he is going to be.
Has he ever looked at other women? Who hasn’t? After all, he isn’t blind.
Has he ever engaged women in conversation other than about the Lord’s work? No way. He would rather cut off his right arm than disrespect himself or family.
His son is following in his footsteps. He too believes in God and is serving in the youth ministry.
Their daughter too is a wonderful young lady, who was raised in church as well. And she has a very good head on her shoulders. They demonstrate what growing up surrounded with lots of love in a healthy and caring home environment can do.
This young sister and brother team could be role models for young people. And I do believe they have followers.
This Christian family team could be a very good blessing for Barbados. One day of preaching, and if the men of Barbados didn’t feel any different after hearing from this faithful, loving bunch, well God help them all.
They don’t necessarily have to change religions to be better husbands. Just respect the women whom they married. That’s all the wives are asking or hoping for anyway. They just want respect.