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PUDDING & SOUSE: A life that needs fixing

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: A life that needs fixing

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A POPULAR, dreadlocked bad boy mechanic is again being “warned” to get his miserable, scandalous life together before it is too late.
And his baby’s mother, the big, dark beauty who everyone could see truly loved him, despite all the disrespectful things he has done and said about her, should realize size has nothing to do with it and move on because she is really a nice person inside and out.
This mechanic, whose mouth touches everyone in his southern district in a negative way, including his own mother, should stop trying to clean other people’s dirty windows and try taking the smut off his, the residents are advising him.
Forgotten things are being whispered once again as the people he offended are now talking about how, from long ago, he was dealing with schoolgirls when he was already a big man, eventually making one of them his first baby’s mother.
Later, when another woman called his name for a child, he denied the child but ended up being the father.
Mother No. 3
Residents have not forgotten too that that girl died under questionable circumstances. Now he’s on to taking advantage of mother No. 3.
But for the past week and some, the bad boy has been the laughing stock of his neighbourhood and Oistins where he likes to parade every weekend.
After months of him scandalizing the last baby mother’s name so badly, she finally got the hint, transferred her young baby from a nearby nursery and moved as far as the north is from the south. 
The former boyfriend started his bad-mouthing again, claiming she only moved the child to spite him because she couldn’t accept that he didn’t want her.
Some of the things he said were out of place said some who overheard him, adding that he did not know “a good thing” when he saw it.
But her friends cheered the decision, since when she did not sleep in the home all types
of women were seen leaving the house during the wee hours of the morning before his Christian mother would awake.
The only time neighbours ever witnessed a bad side to her was after the same former boyfriend had stolen money from her purse.
But it seems this man revels in mistreating women. Residents say he treated another woman similarly so that he could be with his new overseas girlfriend. But the
non-national had better watch out too because he was overheard saying he planned to rob her.
That is clear from the fact that just before she arrived he had been moving around with another of his many women from the district.
This rather mature woman was caught “easing out” the mechanic’s backyard establishment many nights although she has her own house nearby.
She is unable to get back the money she lent him.
Women need to learn what goes around, comes around.
Now the foreign woman is in and tongues are wagging fresh.
She is considered a “sugar mummy” who first provided the mechanic’s friend with brand name clothes and shoes in return for sex.
All was well until the grease monkey wriggled his way into the English woman’s pockets.
For the same pounds sterling his services go beyond what his friend was providing.