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Writer gets Smart with new film

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Writer gets Smart with new film

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The producers of the local hit movie PAYDAY, are doing it again. The Barbadian film production company has just wrapped up the principal filming of their latest project, the psychological thriller Two Smart.
Once again writer and co-director Shakirah Bourne has kept it all local with a Barbadian focus and cast which will see soca queen Alison Hinds making her debut on the movie scene, along with George Gill and Saran Lashley who both have some acting experience. 
Shot in two locations in the parishes of St John and St Peter over ten days, the feature film is one that Bourne promises will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.
“I wanted to see if I could write a feature film that was set in one unconventional location with just three characters. This movie has multiple plot twists and will keep the audience in suspense down to the final scene. Scandal fans will love Two Smart.”
The movie centres a disgruntled married couple and a hitchhiker trapped in a gully during a tropical storm. The night reveals a tangled web of betrayal, and a tortured past. 
Bourne added that the three actors were all committed and passionate to their roles and were very easy to work with, even willing to place themselves in difficult situations both emotionally and physically. 
Co-director Ricky Redman said that the production of Two Smart was a lot more ambitious than PAYDAY.
“We raised the bar with this movie on every level and whereas we made it this far, it is not sustainable for us as a production company to make movies without full funding for the production.
“Once we have filmed and edited we then have to find the funding to launch, market and distribute here in Barbados and abroad. 
“I think the thing about that is even with PAYDAY we’ve had to put some opportunities on hold to be able to finance the production of Two Smart. We went ahead because it is important for us to continue creating quality Caribbean content.”
Lead actor George Gill said it was a case of luck favouring the prepared.
“I received the social media casting call via Facebook, which required a CV and a photo, and was able to submit in time, at which point the audition location was disclosed.
“So that was the luck, and the prepared aspect of this wonderful working experience was the fact that I had indeed participated in a few such projects whilst living overseas.
“So going with what I knew (or could remember) from small acting roles in the past, which included short films, series work and theatre productions I was able to put together a convincing enough performance for the casting director, director and writer to entrust me with the role of Jonathan Smart.”
A suspense movie with a three-man cast, Gill said “it will be different what people have come to expect.”
Gill said the long nights were a bit tedious but he loved every minute of it.
“Roll call was from 5 p.m. and we finished shooting at 5 a.m. We had a blast, even though the crew and cast fell asleep many times.
Hinds is Madge Smart, Gill is husband Johnathan Smart and Lashley is Desiree.
Gill wouldn’t reveal any of the details of the film’s script but said because of the number of people in the film the “intensity is very tight.”
Two Smart is scheduled to be released in theatres by February 2014. (NS/PR)