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DEAR CHRISTINE: Co-worker should pay for child

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Co-worker should pay for child

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Dear Christine,
I am a driver at [a statutory corporation]. A court marshal recently served one of the [other] drivers with papers for monies owed to the court for child support.  
I sit down every day since this driver got these papers and I listen to him discuss this matter with other drivers like myself. He said he “will not” give the child’s mother a cent.
Christine, this man got into an accident earlier this year. He received National Insurance cheques and the corporation paid his doctor bills for him. He came back to work as an acting supervisor for three months and has since returned to his post as a driver.  
He sold his old car for $1 500, received a big cheque from the insurance company and still would not pay the court. As a matter of fact, he purchased a luxurious car.
As a driver, I have no sympathy for this man. He told of plans to go abroad next year to his woman in New York and yet he is messing around with another woman here.
Christine, a driver’s pay is in the region of $807.20 weekly. If a driver works double, he can take home over $1 400 a week. Other drivers are vexed and believe he can do better for the child.
Christine, he talks too much. Nobody asked him anything about the court matter. He also tells too many lies.
This child should not have to suffer. He went to court, returned to work, said the magistrate did not turn up and that he has to go back to court next month. I say let him pay the money.
Dear LHP,
This is just an example of how many children are left out in the cold because some cold-hearted, selfish fathers refuse to provide child maintenance for their own flesh and blood, while supporting their own “lavish” lifestyles.
The only one who can see that justice is done will be the magistrate. Cases like these must be left in their hands.