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DEAR CHRISTINE: Widow in desperate need of help

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Widow in desperate need of help

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Dear Christine,
It is with great sadness and despair that I write you this letter, as I am at my wits end.
I am a widow of nine years and I no longer work.
I receive an invalidity benefit of $175 per week from the National Insurance Scheme.
With this I buy food and pay my bills. If I run out of food I sometimes get a food voucher from the Welfare Department.
I applied to the Rural Development Commission for help with house repairs seven years ago. After sending about four different officers to interview me and take pictures of the house, I still cannot get any help.
The side boards and floor boards are completely rotted including those leading to the bathroom, kitchen and toilet. I had to put down pieces of board on the floor so I won’t fall in.
I am a diabetic and don’t want to lose my feet. The toilet bowl is cracked at the bottom and behind.
Every time I flush it water gushes out from behind. I am desperately in need of help and I am getting none from no one.
After all the promises from both my Member of Parliament and the Rural Development, nothing is happening for me. It’s a struggle which has left me so depressed. Can anyone help me, please?
Dear Depressed,
I have printed your letter hoping that someone out there will see it and make contact with me to help you. Maybe some floor boards and other materials can be donated and some person(s) can volunteer to do the actual repairs.
These are days when we all need to be our brother’s keeper and assist each other.
I look forward to hearing from some kind-hearted individual(s) concerning this matter.