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FULL STORY: Futile cry!

Maria Bradshaw

FULL STORY: Futile cry!

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Kameshia?Tull believes the police wasted precious minutes in responding to her hysterical call for help just before her mother’s violent death at the hands of a former lover who later committed suicide.
She said not a single officer moved when she ran into the Oistins Police Station screaming for help.
Linda Tull, 45, was killed by her ex-lover, Ryan Atwell, in the car park of Oistins Post Office, which is next door to the police station, last Friday night. She  suffered head injuries.
Police reported yesterday that Atwell, of Christ Church, died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital yesterday morning after ingesting a poisonous substance.
Surrounded by two of her three sisters, Kerry-Ann, 31, and Kimberly, 26, at their Highland, St Philip home, 21-year-old Kameshia, who was with her mother when Atwell attacked her, said it was only when she started to swear that the police finally ran out of the station to the car park. But by that time her mother was lying in her car dead.
“I was so mad to see that I ran into the station and shout for help and nobody moved,” she cried, estimating that she spent about ten minutes in the station pleading for assistance.
Mother and daughter left home that Friday evening to go to the popular Oistins Bay Gardens. “We were dancing and enjoying ourselves when I looked up and saw Ryan standing behind my mum,” Kameshia said. “He said something to her which I did not hear and I ask her what he doing behind her and she said she didn’t know.”Shortly after, Kameshia said her mother told her she was ready to go home.“I said one more song and we ended up listening to three more songs. Then we started to walk towards our car which was parked in the post office car park,” Kameshia recalled.
It was then that she realised that Atwell was following them. “He said something to my mother which I did not understand. He stepped in front of her and my mum say, ‘Why don’t you leave me – you and me ain’t in nothing’.“I ask him why he come to cause confusion and I told him to leave her alone. We walked away and when we got in the car he opened the car door and jump in the back seat. My mother kept saying, ‘Ryan, get out’. I got out of the passenger side and went over to the driver side, opened the door to the back seat and pulled him out. He started scuffling with me and my mother got out and he started beating her, cuffing her under her belly. I?jump on him and started fighting with him and my mother say, ‘Mesha, go for help’. I said, ‘Mummy I ain’t leaving you’ and she said, ‘Mesha, run to the police station, it just there’.”
Kameshia said she was reluctant to leave her mother alone with her attacker but decided to make a dash for the station after her mother continued to tell her to go and get the police.
“I ran into the police station with my pants halfway down. I scream out ‘Help! Help! A man out there beating my mother!’ but nobody moved. I?shout out wunnah gwine wait until he . . . kill she and that is when they jump up. I was running out of the station and they were pulling me back, telling me to sit down and asking me what was my name, where I live and all of that even before they go and help the situation.”Kameshia also said the police did not call an ambulance when they arrived on the scene.
“When we got to the car I could see my mother lying across the front seat and the police were pulling me back, telling me that I can’t go. I started to get frustrated and I tell them that is my mother. I ran to the car and she was just lying there and I heard her breathe as if she took her last breath and I collapse.
“When I catch myself, I ask if they call an ambulance and if they check my mother but nobody answered. They did not even tell me that my mother was not living. I?only knew she was dead when they ask for yellow tape.”
Shaking her head, big sister Kerry-Ann, who said she also arrived on the scene shortly after, complained that the “service at the police station was poor, poor, poor”, as she related how officers tried to keep her back when she got to Oistins.The family also lashed out at the police for failing to arrest Atwell who they said terrorized and threatened their mother for several months when she broke up with him after she discovered he had killed a woman with whom he was involved.
“My mother found out about his criminal past and she decided to break it off, but he wouldn’t leave her alone,” Kimberly said.“He told her if he can’t get she nobody else can.“He used to pelt stones on top of our house, hide in the breadfruit tree, hide under the cellar – all around the house. The fellas out here even run him when they caught him hiding in the mango tree. My mother made complaints more than once to the police station and nothing happened. He was not picked up.   “She called the police station and he called her bragging and laughing and told her, ‘You call the police for me. The police ain’t even know me. They come to me and ask me for me’.”
The sisters said their mother was afraid of Atwell but she always believed that she could defend herself if he attacked her.Kameshia reckoned that Atwell was probably hiding under their cellar on Friday and overheard when they discussed going to the Oistins Bay Gardens because when they left home, they spotted him walking along the road.“This is a very sad situation. He took our joy,” Kimberly said, fighting back tears.
Pointing out that their other sister Kelly-Ann was too distraught to speak and had to seek medical attention, the sisters said they had lost their best friend.“She was our best friend. She was our mother and father. There was nothing that she would not do for her children and grandchildren,” Kameshia cried, as she revealed that she and her mother were so close that they went practically everywhere together.
Tull worked as supervisor at Brother’s Woodworks in Grazettes, St Michael.
In a media statement issued yesterday, police said when Atwell was arrested by police on Sunday, he indicated that he had ingested a poisonous substance. They said he was then taken immediately to hospital for medical attention but died yesterday morning.