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I appreciate you

Corey Worrell

I appreciate you

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Have you ever thought about who are the real world changers and influencers in our lives? These individuals have tremendous influence on our lives and they spend many hours with us daily.
They are some of the most unappreciated influencers on the earth, yet they continuously fill our lives with hope, excitement, entertainment and laughter. Sometimes we take them for granted and only after they are gone, we realize how blessed we were to have them.
Have you worked out as yet to whom I am referring? No, it’s not a pastor, a politician or a teacher. No, it’s not your mum or dad or grandparents or best friend. The real world changers and influencers I am referring to are radio DJs and announcers.
In my opinion, a radio personality has one of the most important roles in setting the atmosphere over a society. Think about it, they have the ability to chart a person’s day, influence their emotions and mental balance; calm spirits; convert tears to laughter and cause people to take a positive atmosphere into their workplaces, homes and schools. It’s kind of scary but they have more influence than most leaders in this country and, as a result, they have a huge responsibility.
In some cases, through no fault of theirs, some of us have made them into idols. Many mornings before we turn to God or say a prayer, we turn to our favourite radio personalities for encouragement and upliftment for the day.
Have you ever thought about the tens of thousands of people they influence daily? Believe it or not, their influence over the nation stretches further than most politicians, pastors and teachers.
Let’s take a few examples. For instance, Carita D in a few months has gained a significant number of supporters both male and female, but generally more of the latter. Imagine she can call a prayer meeting and hundreds attend? Many pastors struggle to get even 30 out to week-night services or Bible study.
I remember how successful the team at VOB were when they were able to raise support for, I think, either Haiti or Grenada.
Carol Roberts has taken up, or in some cases regained, her spot at many of our breakfast tables as she fills our mornings with laughter and memories. TJ – Tracy Joseph of LIFE – has many of us scrambling out of bed early on Saturday mornings to tune into her programme Live Life.
There are countless others I could mention, but when all is said and done, no one can dispute the fact that our radio personalities have great influence over us and with it a huge responsibility.
I want to take this time to speak directly to all those radio personalities who are reading this article. Don’t underestimate your influence, position and reach. Where you are not, you have no influence and where you are currently is indeed a position of great influence. You have been a source of strength to many and even though most don’t contact you, I know they appreciate your professionalism, care and work.
Through your words of encouragement, programmes and strategic selection of music, you have indeed saved lives, changed mindsets and positively influenced behaviour. You have no idea who you persuaded from committing suicide or who you stopped from attacking their spouse or who you encouraged not to give up.
Influence comes with responsibility, so I encourage you to be strategic and wise in the music you play, the messages you broadcast and the ideologies you represent because your actions may become our realities. You are in our minds, our living rooms, our cars, our bedrooms, our workplaces.
I want to take this time to thank all of you from the various stations for the excellent work you do: Starcom, CBC, Mix, Slam, Pulse and Cita.
I want to send a special shout-out to my favourite personalities over the years: Ronnie Clarke, Kirk Brown, Samud and Astra, TJ from LIFE, Carol Roberts, Jon Doe, Dave Smooth, Hurricane, Salt & Alex and Dennis J.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. Email [email protected]