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Intimate Hotels want the same deal

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Intimate Hotels want the same deal

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THE INTIMATE HOTELS grouping which represents 52 small hotels across Barbados, wants to have the same concessions extended to the Sandals Resorts to be available to them.
This is coming from the Intimate group at a press conference held this morning at the Island Inn, an all-inclusive destination.
Chairman of the Intimate Hotels of Barbados, Renee Coppin speaking at the conference, said they viewed the decision of Sandals to invest in Barbados “as a prudent one”. 
She also outlined the contribution that her body made to Barbados and said the group wanted to ensure “that the legacy of the Barbadian hotelier remained the staple of the Barbadian landscape”.
“It is in this context that we must strongly express our concerns about the exclusive list of concessions that have been provided to Sandals … we are astonished that such lavish concessions can be provided seemingly without full consideration giving to the impact that [they] would have on other players in the market and the further diminution of our already small hotel sector.
“A fraction of the speed given to this deal would benefit us tremendously as we try to run our business … We are requesting the concessions that have been extended to Sandals should be extended to small hotels.” (JS)