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Former Premix workers still waiting on severance

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Former Premix workers still waiting on severance

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MORE THAN THREE MONTHS after being made redundant, 15 former employees of Premix & Precast Concrete Incorporated are yet to receive a cent of their severance packages.
Seven of the former employees protested near the company’s offices in the Black Bess, St Peter car park this morning to bring attention to the matter.
Former truck driver of ten years, Anderson Codrington, told the NATION before the workers were sent home on August 9, management of the Trinidadian-owned company promised initial severance payments would begin two weeks later.
“That turned into a month. So we held that in mind and then they said the money would come in two weeks and we waited,” he continued.
“…When we asked [management] about it, they told us that they asked the union for an extension, which they are entitled to do, but we have been waiting… Whenever we call up there we just hear two to three weeks. They say that the suppliers that they work for have not paid them yet… They say they are waiting, but when they are waiting, what are we supposed to do?” Codrington asked.
In a statement released this afternoon, plant manager Malcolm Smith said the termination packages would be paid on or before December 9, 2013.
“We are doing everything possible to ensure payment of all benefits in the shortest possible time. The impact of the deepening recession has had a severe effect on the construction industry in general and our business segment in particular and this is principally responsible for the delay.” (LW)