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‘Vision of hope’ way for youth

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‘Vision of hope’ way for youth

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Faith in God could foster productivity and meaningful contributions to national development among this nation’s youth.
Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth Stephen Lashley made this assertion as he addressed the inaugural Digicel Gospel Explosion concert at the Wildey Gymnasium on Sunday.
He stressed that a vision of hope and a united front could “change the apathy and anomie present among some of our young people”.
“It could see the block transformed from being an institution of deviance to one of creativity and innovation, where second chances would become available and empowerment achieved,” he said.
Lashley added that culture and cultural expression could be a portrayal of national self-confidence.  
“As a people, we must become more secure in our own identity and more comfortable in our skin. Our ‘being fearfully and wonderfully made’ need not go a-begging.”
He also praised the event’s organizers for what he described as a fitting addition to the island’s calendar of events.
Call for unity
“This concert addresses the question of unity . . . . The Good Book states: ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. I support this call [for] unity; unity of purpose [and] unity of vision for a better Barbados, where each member of society must endeavour to build up and not tear down.”
Further acknowledging the Gospel Explosion concert as apt for celebration, he said Barbados was admonished to rejoice, “for God has been good to us”.
“This is very timely as this concert is being held at a time when so many are discouraged due to the impact of the prevailing economic situation on their lives. But this cry of hope reminds us that there is a power far greater than any other power that would allow us to safely navigate any rough waters.
“We have been spared from major disasters and even in these challenging economic times, He still remains the people’s guide, as penned in our National Anthem. I am asking all Barbadians to live this reality of hope and responsibility.” (BGIS)