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Service well done!

Corey Worrell

Service well done!

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It’s just one of those days and I am just in one of those moods. Customer service in Barbados in my opinion has its own definition and function. It seems like a general norm that many of those who work in this area seem to have for breakfast a green plum and grapefruit casserole with a glass of unsweetened tamarind juice and mauby bitters yogurt, because their mouths are always pushed up and their face always skinned up.
I understand we need to employ people, but I want to encourage employers to choose the right persons for the job. I will confess that I have not returned to some businesses due to the unmannerly, disrespectful and unwelcoming customer service personnel.
In January, I highlighted four companies at which I had experienced excellent customer service – United Insurance, Automotive Art, Carters and Corbin’s Garage.
Today, I want to take the time to highlight two companies and their employees who deserve public praise for their genuine care and professionalism.
Let’s start with my bank, Scotia. After returning from Australia as a missionary in 2007, I was made aware of the Scotia AA Miles credit card and decided to take a trip to Scotia to inquire. I was introduced to a lady in personal banking named Yvette Browne and within the first minute of conversation, I was sold. In a very warm and pleasant manner, she clearly outlined the requirements and was extremely patient in answering the many questions I asked. I wasn’t able to qualify immediately for the card but she worked with me and did what she could to get one and guess what, I was successful. Over a short time I closed my Barbados National Bank account and to this day I am still a Scotia member.
I was very surprised when she wrote her mobile number on her business card in the event I needed more advice or assistance on anything else. One weekend while in Turkey, I made a transaction and my card wouldn’t work, so I immediately telephoned her cell and she was able to advise me and within 15 minutes I was all clear. On another occasion I was in Malaysia and totally forgot to inform the call centre I was travelling. Once again I called her and received assistance.
Two months ago, I met another wonderful lady in personal banking name Keisha Straughn who completely amazed me by the way she dealt with me while inquiring about a loan. Every question she was able to answer, and what I loved most was that she spoke in terms I could understand. She also advised me of the best options and payment choices so that the loan experience wouldn’t be stressful. Her professionalism was quite nice.
Each time I go into Scotiabank, there is this female teller who always seems to have a bubbly and smiley demeanour. I have never gone in the bank and not seen her in this bubbly mood. On quite a few occasions I have allowed others standing in the line to go ahead of me since I enjoy the experience of conducting my business with her. She is really good at what she does and her service really encourages you to come back to Scotia. I haven’t seen her over the last two weeks as she may be on vacation, but I found out her name is Nicole Griffith and I want to publicly thank her for her excellent work.
Each time I call Scotia’s call centre I am always pleased with its service. Well done, Scotiabank.
As I close, I want to speak about an experience I had at Caribbean Aircraft Handling (CAH). Last month I shipped a car part from England via Trinidad and CAH dealt with the processing.  The experience was excellent, communication was clear and the service was top-notch. The ladies who assisted me through the entire process really made me smile. From the first phone call to clearing Customs, everything went very well. So I take this opportunity to salute and say thank you to Melissa, Katherine and Lynette of CAH and Cheryl Grant from the Customs Department.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador. Email [email protected]