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MAVIS BECKLES: The right tuh kill?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: The right tuh kill?

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Recently, since the death of the woman up there in Oistins, more and more people have not only been saddened by it, but outraged at the fact dat this same man spend five years in prison some years back fuh killing another woman and then try tuh kill heself. Well, this time he like he succeed.
The other day the market was in total disarray wid evahbody talking ’bout how some people cahn take it when somebody tell dem dat duh done.
As one woman keep saying all the time, some men cahn tek a dis and dat done at all.
Well, I ain’t gine get in tuh nuh kinda details ’bout wha’ happen or ain’t happen nor who do or ain’t do it or even why it happen because dat is fuh the courts tuh decide, but what I would say is dat it is very sad when people lose duh lives sudden so because the other partner cahn seem tuh let go.
Ya see, some people like duh cahn take dat sorta rejection, duh cahn deal wid it, take duh licks and move on, duh have tuh make sure dat duh wipe out the other partner completely.
I remember sometime back writing ’bout this thing people now labelling domestic violence and I remember saying dat any man who got tuh beat up or kill a woman because she ain’t want he nuh more is a big coward.
But ya want tuh know who is the biggest coward? It is the one who does beat and kill a woman and then go and kill or try tuh kill heself.
It is so sad dat some people have tuh lose duh lives in this sort o’ way only because one partner cahn deal wid the fact dat the relationship has come tuh an end. Dem cahn see beyond now.
Some like duh doan even give demselves time tuh even think ’bout another day, so duh decide there and then dat I cahn live wid-out you and if I cahn have you, nuhbody ain’t gine have you.
So I gine tek you out and then tek out myself after. Dat is what I does call a coward.
What I would like tuh know is what gives men the right tuh kill somebody who doan want dem? As a matter o’ fact, what gives dem the right tuh kill at all. You see this trend dat is getting more and more prevalent in Barbados?
I doan know how duh gine get it tuh stop but it gine have tuh before it get outta hand and people start tuh believe dat duh could take somebody’s life, go tuh court and plead guilty tuh manslaughter, get a li’l sentence, go tuh jail fuh a few years and come back out and live duh life while a whole family have tuh grieve and live wid the situation fuh the rest o’ duh lives.
But wha’ happen tuh these kinda men, though? Who give dem the right tuh take a woman’s life? Who tell dem dat a woman belong tuh dem? Who give dem the right tuh kill?
If dem cahn handle rejection in a relationship, don’t guh wid no woman – leave the people girl children alone. That is why ya hear a lot o’ women when duh get a certain age deciding that duh don’t want anything tuh do with any more men.
After duh wuk hard alone over the years, duh don’t want nuhbody tuh come in the place and confuse duh tail. I know a lot o’ dem and duh is good-quality women. Proper people, if ya please.
It don’t be easy living by yuhself all the time. Evahbody does want a little companionship sometimes, not necessarily sex, but somebody tuh talk tuh and spend time wid.
But when ya hear ’bout all o’ these things happening – these jealous men, these insecure men, these igrant men – it does turn ya mind from getting ya self involve with dem. It is better tuh stan’ by ya self.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.