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PUDDING & SOUSE: Let down by stalwart

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE: Let down by stalwart

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The owner of a popular rural establishment is contemplating whether to call in the police to investigate one of his trusted employees.
Apparently, he discovered some financial errors and after doing some internal investigations, he found that a number of cheques had been forged by the employee.
After he confronted the dishonest woman, she broke down in tears and told him that she was in financial trouble and bailiffs were running her down for money that she owed, and she did not want the bailiff to come on the job for her. However, the owner has discovered that she used the cheques to shop at boutiques all over Town, buying hair, clothes, shoes and make-up.
Now she is calling the poor man every day apologizing and begging him not to let the other staff members know. What she doesn’t realize is that everybody in the community is talking about her dishonesty.
Marriage woes
A woman?who recently got married is seeing hell with her new in-laws.
Every day she is being subjected to the worst verbal abuse from certain family members, especially her sister-in-law – who just happens to be her neighbour – as well as from her husband’s children and grandchildren.
The sister-in-law from hell is the instigator. She constantly lets it be known that she dislikes the new bride and goes out of her way to insult her regularly by calling her a big-foot gorilla.
Her brother seems to be helpless in this ongoing situation, but if he does not intervene soon he will find that the honeymoon will be quickly over.
Death watch
It certainly didn’t take long for a very conniving woman to raid her relative’s house after his death.
Family members discovered that all of the furniture, appliances and other possessions had been removed from the house just two days after the man died.
Now they are wondering why this particular family member went to such great lengths to put this man so far away from his wife. It is now left to be seen if his bank book will ever resurface.
Stripped of position
The woman?who likes stripping off her clothes at work is back to square one.
Remember we told you that her bosses requested that she stop stripping because she was being considered for a supervisory position? Well, she has been sent back to the yard for cooking burnt rice and burnt chicken for the boss.
Her colleagues are now wondering if they will have to endure more of her undressing because they are all tired of the unpleasant sight.
New DNA drama
Since we told you about the woman who was trying to pin her baby on a man who befriended her, the drama escalated to new heights this week.
Apparently, after the article came out, the woman was telling all of her friends that she would curse out the man when she saw him.
However, when the man deliberately went into her neighbourhood, she was quiet as a mouse. The man has sent out a warning to her that when the DNA results are revealed, he intends to sue her.
But this has had no impact on this wayward mother, who is now telling people that it is also possible that the man who lives opposite her is the father of her child.