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Step it up, girls!

Kenmore Bynoe

Step it up, girls!

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Hundreds of screaming fans were present, there were plenty of giveaways too, but noticeably absent were the usual daring outfits and inviting smiles when the semi-finals of the 2014 Banks Beer Calendar Girl Competition were held Thursday night at the Oistins Bay Garden, Christ Church.
Too many of the contestants lacked the total package to challenge the judges and depended on personal cheering sections to hide the fact that the weaker contestants tended only to smile when they remembered, and they appeared lost on stage. Most of those competitors who failed to make it beyond this stage eliminated themselves by quickly circling the stage and exiting it with nary a smile or wave to judges or spectators to reinforce their fleeting presence.
Some of the contestants opted to wear very high heels that were supposed to “rock” their outfits, woo the judges and wow the crowd. Unfortunately, many of those tall heels had the contestants literally rocking.
In the end, the judges had a rather easy task of choosing the eight finalists from a weak pool of 16 to advance to the finals on December 12 with the envied newly crowned Banks Calendar Girl receiving a one-year contract and $10 000 cash. 
Ironically, using the first names to determine the appearance order of the competitors worked for Amia Weekes, who showed the Banks Calendar Girl cut in her leggings and tees as well as in the bikini parade. Weekes was announced as the first qualifier as well while the final spot was handed to pocket-sized Ranisha Johnson.
Small in size but huge in charm and confidence, Johnson could redefine the calendar girl on the 12th by upsetting the field. 
One of the favourites going forward is Sherene Hewitt, who could also alter the calendar girl status quo as her assets are obviously at backside and not chest level.
Marisa Jackson displayed a winning smile while the seriousness of Latoya Harris fitted well with her theme of an army recruit in cap and salute which could win the battle in the finals.
Katrina Haynes was daring in her bikini outfit while the confidence of Faith Callender and Khadijah Watson promises a better showing in the finals. It will be interesting to see if the People’s Choice, who is supposed to get a spot in the finals, will come from the eight, or if a ninth contestant will be voted into the finals. Someone like Zahira Best could therefore earn a return to Bay Gardens on the 12th.