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Honeyed voices fill the Hall

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Honeyed voices fill the Hall

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??THE NEXT TIME you hear someone say there is not enough local music to sustain a completely Barbadian radio station, ensure to sucker punch them with a healthy dose of Honey Jam.
Far more than just delectable, the 19-artist showcase provided such a wide array of treats that even the most discerning of palettes would have heard something to groove to.
Jazz aficionados with an old soul would have been blown away by Megan Rose’s simply striking take on Britney Spears’ hit, Toxic. The familiar words were the only remnants of the sickly, bubblegum hit. The Canadian’s vocal range could also blow the Toxic singer’s out of the water, bellowing out low notes and high scats with expert ease and versatility.
With big hair and an even bigger personality, Gigi Ma’at exuded an Erykah Badu-esque energy in her performance of original, Cupid Valentino. While they both might be small in stature, they both make up for it with powerful musical aura. Sharing the stage with her saxophonist, the two engaged in a musical tete-a-tete which both amused and appeased the moderately-sized audience at the Frank Collymore Hall over the weekend.
For those who preferred something even more mellow and soulful, Dennica Pearl was sure to please. Sitting on a stool with guitar in hand and backed by a drummer and trombonist, she performed No Woman No Cry with amazing vocal precision and refreshing originality, while Kyzz’s lilting Miracles was also a lovely mix of great vocals and inspirational message, as was Debbie Reifer’s We Are Love.
?Are diva ballads more your style?
Look no further than Tilleann Whittaker and Lyn’l.
Opening the second half of the show with Etta James’ At Last, 17-year-old Whittaker got deep down and soulful in a goosebump-inducing rendition. Lyn’l preceded her with a rocking performance of Jill Scott’s Golden, which got the audience singing and dancing.
Rhea Layne was one of the many Sweet Things last weekend, and Chantal Jemmott showed significant improvement from her Richard Stoute Teen Talent debut with a formidable One Night Only.
?For those in the mood for something to dance to, Adaeze and Larix and Nicovia had the right melody. The former’s Dae Dreams and the latter’s Smash Up blessed the Frank Collymore Hall with positive vibes and tasty homegrown beats.
Icon or not, Ieashia Browne’s take on Man Down could easily rival the original. Her young, raspy tone did not temper her vocal control, making the 15-year-old a definite one to watch.
Fate brought a reggae/pop sound into the mix with Estelle’s Substitute Lover. Although she has an effortlessly gorgeous voice, her similarly eye-catching legs were the show stealer in a pair of high-waisted denim shorts.
Other performers for the night included Karina, who sang Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats with just as much emotion and intestinal fortitude as the song required – as well as Lauren Raie, Lexi, Tyra Trotman and Neira who all did an awesome job.
Now that I am fresh out of adjectives, let me ask, where is that Bajan station?