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Police: Help us

Tim Slinger

Police: Help us

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BARBADIANS are being called upon to assist the police in catching people involved in human trafficking.
Head of the Royal Barbados Police Force’s Sex Crimes and Trafficking Unit, Inspector Carollyn Blackman-Alleyne, has expressed concern that a lot of people might innocently ignore suspicious signs of such activity and felt there was a need for people to be educated about the cruelty of this crime.
“The abuse is horrible and victims of this offence are vulnerable to all types of abuse,” she told the SUNDAY?SUN, as she described the force’s uphill battle in trying to bring offenders to justice.
“These are people in a position of vulnerability. They have come to Barbados with trauma and the abuse and exploitation is unbelievable,” she added.
Blackman-Alleyne said human trafficking was a lucrative business and noted that those involved in the illegal activity were now perusing legislation, looking at ways and means of trying to beat the system.
“As more information gets out, the traffickers are mutating. They bought the legislation [document] and they arelooking at different ways to beat the system.”