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Maria Bradshaw


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Domestic violence has claimed the life of a sixth woman this year.
Krystal Lovell, 22, of St Thomas, was reportedly stabbed to death on Sunday night in the presence of their two-year-old daughter, Skye.
Her former boyfriend, Jerrick Tudor, was taken into custody by the police after he was apprehended by Krystal’s father, Roosevelt Lovell, in the backyard.
The couple broke up about a month ago after a seven-year relationship. Guyanese-born Tudor is said to have moved out of the small wooden house that they shared in her family’s backyard.
It was the second time in less than three years that Krystal’s father lost a daughter to violence. His eldest child, Nikita Belgrave, was one of the five women killed in the Campus Trendz fire on Tudor Street, The City.