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AWRIGHT DEN! This too will pass

Corey Walcott

AWRIGHT DEN! This too will pass

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TODAY’S ARTICLE is for those who are facing hard times, feeling depressed, losing hope and in the midst of a storm.
I am not writing from a position of hearsay; I am writing from experience. Your situation may be different from mine but I can assure you that we are both in a storm.
We Barbadians have been blessed over the years not to be victims of any major hurricanes or storms.
As a result, we have become very passive and complacent, which has led us to always say, “God is a Bajan” and “Dat ain’t gine hit we”.
Whether you believe it or not, the unseen is more powerful than the seen and if you only focus on what you can see, you will miss the signs of the times.
We have been misled to focus primarily on the physical realm and as a result, have not realized that in order to create meaningful change, the unseen or spirit realm holds the key and the true authority.
For instance, we create hundreds of programmes to address and correct deviant behaviour, yet we see little results because we are focusing primarily on the physical. It’s the same with the storms in our lives.
We are very aware when it is hurricane/storm season but pay little or no attention to the unseen storms that are brewing on the horizon of our lives. These include financial, emotional, mental, relational and health storms.
People envy you because you drive a nice vehicle but have no idea you are behind in your payments; they talk about your beautiful home but don’t know the bank is about to repossess it; they are jealous of your work promotion but don’t know the stress it has placed on your family; they see the many years of marriage but have no clue about the abuse you face; they see you
in your expensive clothes but don’t see the cancer in your stomach; they laugh with you at parties and don’t know your sister is struggling for her life. They see your ring but don’t see your wife’s unfaithfulness.
During these unseen storms we question whether there is indeed a God. I want to encourage you not to take the presence of the storm to indicate the absence of God.
The scriptures say that Job looked for God during his storm and couldn’t find him, and in your storms you are looking for God and you aren’t seeing Him. Your ability not to see Him doesn’t mean He isn’t present.
The Bible says, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”
Of course you can’t see Him during the physical storm. We defer to our physical senses, but in the unseen storms God helps us to rely and develop our senses of faith and belief.
When driving though a storm, it is very difficult to see, so you don’t focus on the storm, you focus on where your lights are pointing. I encourage you, in your unseen storms, don’t focus on the situation, focus on the light, which is Christ. The Bible says God is a very present help in times of trouble (storms). I have interpreted this to mean that God does his best work when you are in trouble.
All storms have one thing in common: they are temporary. Despite all the destruction, hurt, embarrassment and confusion they cause, they are temporary and you will recover.
Some days you look at the sky and all you see is darkness and clouds, but I guarantee you that behind the clouds the moon, stars and sun are still shining. Remember, the clouds are only temporary and so is your storm.  
Statistics have proven that old people live longer once there is anything living in the house. It doesn’t matter if it is a human or an animal, once they have something to do. Now, if the presence of an animal can increase the years of your life, how much more can the presence of God?
You may have to wait, suffer and cry, but I guarantee you, your storm will pass and you aren’t alone.  
• Inspired by a T.D. Jakes podcast.