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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Take parenting seriously

Reverend Errington Massiah

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I begin by congratulating taxi driver Trevor Lloyd, who was taking some tourists along Thornbury Hill, Christ Church, when he saw a very young child in the middle of that road which is very busy. And because of recently acquired driving skills, he was able to save that child from being killed. He was also congratulated by the tourists, Gary West and his wife Dianna, for a job well done.
What I found to be very amazing was the mother who was not aware that the child was not in the house. A number of questions have to be asked. Why wasn’t she aware that the child was out of the house? Why was the door not closed? Why was the child not supervised? How did she feel when the taxi driver came to her home with the child? This seemed like carelessness.
I can still remember that old-time method that was used by my mother and aunts – they would block off the entrance (door) with board which was nailed on to the door frame and the adults and older children had to climb over in order to get in and out of the house. It was a way of protecting the children from danger.
I am sure that some younger readers will laugh at that, but it worked for us. I am afraid that the modern day parents will tell you that it is old-fashioned and outdated. There is also something that is worrying me. It is that too many parents are walking along the road or highway and not holding their children’s hands and they are walking with the child or children in the road, rather than on the inside close to the side of the road.
Some will have the children walk in front or behind them. That is a very dangerous practice. And if it does not stop we are going to lose many lives as a result of road accidents. I am appealing to all parents to help save our children from danger and to take parenting seriously. Too many parents are not.