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Not a cent!

Leigh-Ann Worrell

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The efficiency of the system dealing with child maintenance payments at the St Matthias Magistrates’ Court is once again being called into question.
Two mothers this week charged that in their cases while the fathers had paid in thousands of dollars to the court, they were not able to get one cent in assistance for their children from the unit set up to facilitate them. At the same time they complained that their complaints were not isolated.
One mother said she was very upset that she had not received more than $2 000 in maintenance money for her 14-year-old son, and blamed it squarely on the domestic unit of the St Matthias Magistrates’ Court.
The woman, who asked not to be identified, told the SATURDAY SUN she had receipts showing that her former boyfriend made payments into the court up to six months ago, but she had not received the money.