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Victim’s family wants answers

Maria Bradshaw

Victim’s family wants answers

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The family of Xavier Harris, who was killed last Sunday?while riding his motorcycle along St Patrick’s, Christ Church, say they have credible information that Harris’ motorcycle was struck by another vehicle.
They said they even provided the registration number of the vehicle but the information was “ignored” by police.
Police said on Sunday that Harris, 21, had died from severe head injuries after his motorcycle hit a wall along St Patrick’s Main Road.
But Harris’ cousin Latisha Nicholls and her boyfriend Ancel White told the WEEKEND?NATION that they received the registration number of the vehicle from a woman who had witnessed the accident, along with other people.
“I went up to St Patrick’s with a friend when I?heard about the accident and a lady called the woman who was with me and told her that she was not going to let us suffer this way because she saw the vehicle that hit my cousin and she put a paper that was fold up in my friend’s hands. When we opened the paper we saw a registration number written on it.”
Nicholls said the woman and others proceeded to tell them that the vehicle had hit the motorcycle causing Harris to lose control and slam into the wall.