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Ex-cop shot in crossfire

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Ex-cop shot in crossfire

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An exchange of gunfire between two men left another with a wound to the left side of his chest late yesterday.
Dave Boyce, a former policeman, was shot just before 6 p.m. yesterday at the junction of School Lane and Train Line, Halls Road, St Michael.
The Pine, St Michael resident was with friends when gunfire erupted, reportedly between two young men, that sent everyone, including children, scampering for cover. When the shooting was over residents realized that Boyce had a gunshot wound to the chest.
“That gunshot looked like it was inches from his heart,” said one witness who preferred to remain anonymous.
As the news spread about the 31-year-old’s shooting, scores of officers raced to the scene fighting rush hour and Christmas traffic in pursuit of at least two suspects and possibly a third, according to witnesses.
One man who was sitting on a step using his cellphone said he heard shots and looked up to see two young men, one clad in all black, aiming at each other.
“I just get out their way… Anything coulda happen if I didn’t move and get out the way,” he said.
There was further gunfire before anyone dared to emerge from their cover and when they did, Boyce, apparently in a state of shock, was sitting still holding a cigarette, said the witness. After moments of uncertainty he was eventually taken to the hospital by police.
Inspector David Welch, public relations officer of the Royal Barbados  Police Force, reported that Boyce was detained in serious condition.
Police are on the hunt for those involved in the shooting.