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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Turning east for success

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Turning east for success

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FOR A CERTAIN politico, no success in the west has led to them seeking their fortune in the east.
Cou Cou has it on good authority that the individual has reasoned it would be most difficult to dislodge the present sitting member given the decades-long support for their opponent’s party there.
So the individual has shifted their focus from that riding to the east where their party colleague, who is unlikely to return in 2018, has enjoyed two successive victories.
From what we have been told, this charming former candidate has been wooing branch members and known supporters as to get a feel if they would be accepted when they declare their hand.
The question those in the know are asking is how much of a burden or a blessing the present sitting member will leave for this aspirant. For, depending on who you speak to in the constituency, that individual has either the reputation of assisting known supporters and doing very little for anyone else, or not being seen and not fulfilling the many promises made.
Christmas jitters
STAFF AT A certain statutory corporation are saying that this Christmas will be their worst ever as they don’t know if they will have a job next year.
They are saying the suspense is killing them and have even blasted their minister for making them more anxious about their future by refusing to be drawn into any debate on that matter at a recent meeting.
One spokesperson for the group told Cou Cou that a leader’s job is to allay fears and help workers cope with whatever situation may be occurring. However, this minister did not do that. The politico did say that despite the challenges caused by shortages, they should seek to be more innovative with what they had as greater cost-cutting measures are necessary at this time.
The individual said precious little, though, on whether there would be any merger of that entity with another in the same ministry and possible layoffs.
What has the staff peeved, too, is that the meeting was held in cramp conditions, and the majority of the 300 assembled were uncomfortable and therefore the gathering was not as long as they felt it should have been.
The staff want the politico to know they cannot have a good holiday as they have no idea of what January will bring.
?Reluctant hosts
?IMAGINE BEING invited someplace, and when you get there being treated as an outcast by your hosts.
This is how a group of important people were supposedly dealt with as they sought to conduct business in Barbados recently.
Cou Cou was told that these guests got a torrid time from their hosts in terms of access to certain information.
Our understanding is that the more the guests insisted that the information they sought was vital, the more the hosts were less than forthcoming.
Eventually, though, it seems the hosts recognized that if they did not do the right thing it would not redound to their benefit as the guests usually report on their findings when they return home. So the hosts finally began to treat their guests with the respect that would have been initially anticipated.
We now have to hear what report these important metropolitan friends will give on us to see if the hosts managed to satisfy their demands.?