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Govt ‘too slow’ in cutting jobs


Govt ‘too slow’ in cutting jobs

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GOVERNMENT TOOK TOO LONG to make its decision to send home more than 3 000 civil servants and still needs to do more to get the economy back on track.
This position was expressed by David Simpson, president of the Barbados Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados (ICAB).
He said last night that apart from chopping public sector jobs, the Freundel Stuart administration still had to come up with a plan to stimulate foreign exchange earning sectors like tourism and international business.
“I feel this is just the start,” Simpson told the SUNDAY SUN. “I don’t know what other successes they will have in significantly cutting expenditure in other areas but unfortunately the highest level of Government expenditure is in wages and salaries in central Government and transfers and subsidies in statutory corporations, so it was inevitable that at some time that sector would have to be cut because of a lack of success in other areas.