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Greaves on way back


Greaves on way back

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THE REBIRTH of the career of sprinter Shekeim Greaves is on the horizon.
Even though the CARIFTA Games’ 100-metre gold medallist didn’t win the men’s 300-metre at the year-ending Twilite Odd-Distance Athletics Meet on Friday night at the National Stadium, fans will be heartened by his performance over the first 250 metres of the race.
Greaves, who has been plagued by injuries over the past two years, surged ahead of his opponents by at least three metres along the back straight and increased the lead as he came off the bend with 100 metres left, well clear of the field.
But the never-say-die Pacers quarter-miler Christopher Davis, with his typical late burst of speed, motored past  him in the last 50 metres to win the event in 34.19 seconds.
Fabian Norgrove, who had won the other heat, was second overall in 34.46, with the busy Rivaldo Leacock third in 35.01, just ahead of Greaves (35.08).
That Leacock was actually in this race was surprising, as only 25 minutes earlier he had lost the 240-metre hurdles to his Rising Stars’ clubmate Michael Nicholls.
Tiana Bowen also showcased her class, winning the women’s 300 metres in 41:14 from Danae Gill (42:62), while Tristan Evelyn was a double winner, triumphing in the women’s 50-metre dash in 6.47 and 150 metres in 17.53. Timeka Jordan (6.69 and 18.18) was second in both races.
Joshua Walcott (15.83) won the men’s 150-metre from Pacers teammate Kentone Browne (15.87) and Ariko Small (15.97).
It was also pleasing to see nine runners contesting the men’s 1000 metres, which was won by the smooth striding Joshua Hunte in 2:34.91 minutes from Raheem Skinner (2:35.16), who passed Pius Emilien (2:36.19) in the last 25 metres. Rashid Blackman completed a sweep of the first four places for Elite Distance in 2:39.16 minutes.
Some of the other winners were Akeem Callender (1:53.77) in the Under-15 Boys’ 700 metres and 240-metre hurdles in 29.17; Kai Alleyne (2:04.38) in the Under-13 Boys’ 700 metres; Dedra Deane-Mason (2:14.59) in the Under-13 Girls’ 700 metres and Sada Williams (30:53) in the 240-metres women’s hurdles.
Twin siblings Leilani Haddock and Ajani Haddock won the Under-13 Girls’ and Boys’ 150 metres in 19:39 and 18:37 respectively, with Jeal Williams and Daquan Boyce taking the Under-15 Girls’ and Boys’ 150-metre races in 18.88 and 16:69 respectively.
Leilani Haddock also won the Under-13 Girls’ 50 metres in 7:18 but Raheim Taitt-Best won the Under-13 Boys’ 50-metre dash in 6.85 seconds.