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Prayers for Graydon Sealy

Cheryl Harewood

Prayers for Graydon Sealy

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With heads bowed and eyes closed across the packed hall, students of Graydon Sealy Secondary School listened attentively as prayers were made on their behalf during morning assembly last Wednesday.
With just one day before the end of the school term, principal Matthew Farley had called on a team of church leaders and intercessors to lift the over 850 students up in prayer and to ask God’s favour and protection in their lives and their families, among other requests.
Giving their full attention to the morning’s proceedings, the students also listened to words of advice from Reverend Paul Watson, Minister Roger Husbands and a team led by Senator Reverend Dr David Durant.
Husbands urged the children to make the best of their learning opportunity and led them in a prayer of declaration.
The student body was not the only one receiving special and uplifting prayers. Durant issued an invitation to the teaching staff and principal to join him in prayer at the foot of the podium, to which they agreed, as he pleaded earnestly to God on their behalf.
Farley shared that his heart’s desire for the children “is to point them to a better way of life” and for each child to know he or she was somebody with the ability to achieve. He added he believed strongly  in the students and “wants to see the school rise to the next level”.
While no official sermon was preached, the message for the students that day was that they could achieve whatever they set their minds to with the help of Almighty God.