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DEAR CHRISTINE: Married couples today not honouring vows

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Married couples today not honouring vows

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Dear Christine,
My letter is addressed to E.D. who recently wrote to you concerning his cheating wife.  
Dear E.D., I do not understand why men put up with cheating wives – and women with cheating husbands.
 Please don’t tell me it’s because  of the children. That’s a “cop out”.
I think you should have talked to the man and your wife a long time ago – while throwing her clothes out the window.
I am a married woman and I can’t imagine cheating on my husband. It would not matter what he is doing, because I respect myself that much.
 If he so chooses to cheat on me, well, he could keep on walking.
I would not touch him again with a ten-foot pole.
 And for anyone who thinks I’m kidding, you don’t have to believe me. It’s your prerogative!
It seems as though very few men and women today have any regard for their vows. I [really] do not know why they wasted the priest’s time, when they could have stayed single and run around with whomsoever they cared.
– E.S.    
Dear E.S.,
Once again, thanks for your contribution.