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Needy and victims of racial bias

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Needy and victims of racial bias

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Dear Christine,
I wish to address my family’s plight of racial discrimination and poverty, and I am directing this letter to the Prime Minister.
Within my family of six, there are two young sisters and two brothers. We are suffering severe health, mental, emotional and financial issues.
My dad’s income is low and he is the only breadwinner.
I believe because of his low earnings and accent – even though he has lived in Barbados for 35 years and – the oppression and discrimination I have witnessed as a young child growing up, have been hard for him.
When he speaks out for his family to receive the housing we so desperately need, everything falls on deaf ears.
We reported this matter to the previous representative of St John,  and were told he could not help.
My dad’s health is diminishing. He is losing his eyesight, has a bad back, a chronic allergy that can kill him, and is suffering from heart palpitations.
We live on white rice. Since most of his wages pay rent; sometimes there is no food. He has no one to turn to. When he tries he is ignored or cursed.
He was stabbed at work while performing security duties, and was laid off in October because he asked for an explanation as to why the job expected of him was changed without prior notice.
He now makes a living digging yams and potatoes at a farm in St Joseph. He cannot leave for a new trade or to study because his entire family would suffer.
My cry is this: We need Government assistance!
Thank You.
– N.A.
Dear N.A.,
I will have your matter further investigated.
– Christine