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PUDDING & SOUSE: Beware slick chick

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Beware slick chick

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A concerned lady wants to warn all men who attend a popular karaoke show which travels throughout the community to beware of a particular woman.
She claimed that this woman has set out to spread her incurable disease to whomever she traps. She usually attends the show with a man who knows about her plans and each time she leaves with a unsuspecting victim. Apparently this woman dresses very sexily and usually entices men at the show to buy her drinks.
No home for holidays
For the second consecutive year a woman has had to kick her no-good boyfriend out of her home because he never contributes to the Christmas spending.
Apparently this man who hangs out at a popular shop in Bank Hall and works in the construction industry always conveniently loses his job around this time of the year.
Last year his woman, who works in a supermarket, threw him out of the house because he could not even afford to give her a ham and a few drinks. Now this year, she was told by his drinking buddies that he was bragging that he deliberately doesn’t work in December because he does not want to spend his money on Christmas.
Well, the woman wasted no time in putting him out again but this time she told him don’t even think about coming back after the holidays.
Slum landlady
A group of tenants who have been renting rooms from a woman in Christ Church want everyone to know that she is nothing but a slum lord.
This woman, who by the way is well known in the area, drives around in a big fancy jeep, always has her hair and nails done, and loves to wear a lot of brand-name clothes.
However, while she lives in a nice, pretty house with an electric garage-door opener and all, her tenants are living in a back road in run-down rooms she is charging $600, $800 and $1000 to rent.
She and one of the tenants had a big argument recently when she wanted her to pay an outstanding water bill of $300 left behind by another tenant in order to stay in the room.
The angry tenants have already called in the health inspectors because they are all planning to move out but they want this woman charged for keeping unhealthy premises while charging them top dollar for rent. They want to know what kind of conscience she has.
Staff party boycott
Management of a company which recently held a Christmas party for their staff members were left in an embarrassing position because almost 80 per cent of the staff did not attend the celebrations.
Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that the caterers were forced to take away most of the food and drinks and management had to abandon the awards ceremony, while the party ended earlier than was planned.
We understand that the big boss held a meeting with his management team to express his concern about the non-attendance of staff and to find out why they would embarrass the company, which is now out of thousands of dollars.
He has also ordered four of the top ranking managers to change their attitude and treat the staff better next year or their jobs will be on the line.

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