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Freebie can’t pay the rent

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Freebie can’t pay the rent

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CHRISTMAS was definitely not a happy occasion for a young woman who moved into a National Housing unit about a year ago.
Apparently she came home earlier this week to find an eviction notice placed on her door for an outstanding amount of thousands of dollars. Word is that she has not paid a cent since she moved into the unit.
Her friends said she was all in a desperate frenzy trying to call the politician who put her in the unit but his phone kept going straight to voice mail. The sad thing is that when she first moved in she was bragging to everyone about how she got a house by hanging out with a politician.
Now everyone is laughing behind her back and wondering if she really believed that she was not supposed to pay rent because she gave away her goodies.
Revolving furniture
Residents in a St Michael community watched in shock as a packed delivery truck dropped off a new living room and dining room set, new bed, and a big flat screen television at a neighbour’s house.
They wanted to know how the woman was able to get credit to buy all of these items because this is the third year that she brought in lots of furniture only to have them taken away by March for non-payment.
Residents want to know if this woman – who is always begging neighbours for salt and sugar – has developed this penchant for crediting furniture and appliances around Christmas even though she can’t afford to pay for them.
Now everyone will be peeping out of their windows in March for when the van comes to recollect the items.
Coming up short
Why would you get a loan to repay Government if you did not steal any money?
That is what everyone is wondering about a certain Government employee who was being investigated by the police after her money kept coming in short. Now people are saying that she stole the cash to take her son overseas.
The woman, who loves to dress very chic, quickly went and borrowed over $20 000, saying that she was putting back the money because she knows everyone will blame her because it was her cash desk.
But what is even more embarrassing is that her son did not even get picked for the team he was trying out for and now her job is on the line.
On the wrong road
A short, buxom taxi driver with a luxury car who operates on the platinum coast should stop parking out in a lover’s lane almost every night with his sidekick.
This woman should also be ashamed since she leaves her young baby at home with her husband who is a chef.