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Prayer keeps Tony and Delores

Lisa King

Prayer keeps Tony and Delores

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Tony and Delores Taylor hold firm in the belief that their 17-year marriage has survived because they pray with and for each other. The Taylors believe the couple that prays together, stays together, and have written a book called The Husband And Wife Book Of Prayer in order to help married couples pray for deliverance from the many issues that affect their marriage.
Delores said the book came into being because of the realization that a lot of Christian marriages were under attack and ultimately ending in divorce.
She said in the body of Christ a lot of Christian marriages are under attack and while Christians are spending time trying to be good for God and good for relationships, the marriage is struggling because prayer is missing.
“Christians are being divorced, they are struggling with pain. They are coming to church listening to the sermon and having some feel-good moments but then they are going back home to life where they are almost afraid to acknowledge that their life is in a mess.
“Couples are going to church every Sunday but some people are quarrelling on their way to church, buckle up for a nice sermon, look good and then back in the car where they are not speaking to one another until the next Sunday,” Delores said.
This, she said, was because prayer does not take its rightful place in relationships.
“People are relying on themselves and the relationship but the key ingredient, which is prayer, is not as present as it should be,” she said.
Tony said prayer and the Bible should be the priority above all things in order to have a successful marriage. 
“Sometimes we have a tendency to try to do things on our own rather than biblically or how God called on us to do it.
“There are a lot of issues that come that really do not have to if the principles that God set down are adhered to,” he said.
The book has 63 prayers dealing with different issues and is not only designed to help Christian married couples but anyone who is dating or in a relationship and wants to get married.
Delores said when they started writing the book she realized it was totally from God because he “ laid upon her heart “the topics to deal with and it was in some ways a personal wake-up call for her.
Delores is a prayer ministry leader, while Tony is a deacon at Calvary Worship Centre where they worship in British Columbia, Canada. 
There, they attend weekly prayer sessions at the church, which has underscored the importance of their praying together.
Delores admitted that even though she grew up a Christian, she never really activated the Christian walk. For her, prayer was something to do when she wanted something or when things went wrong. She said many people are like that when they have the bargain mentality or want to “size up God” when they want something.
However, through the book, the Taylors want people to pray together and overcome their challenges. 
There are topics ranging from A-Z , including addiction and ageing.
Delores said anger and arguing were a big challenge since there are some people who have a lot of bitterness in their hearts but are still married.
“They smile and look happy but anger is in their spirit” she said.
Other topics include worldly distractions, blaming and criticizing, disrespect, guilt and shame, where one person would never tell the husband or wife things from their past because they think they will leave.
The Taylors said the book, which is available locally at major bookstores and Christian literature outlets, has been described by many as very timely and appropriate. She said divorce has become commonplace in the church and society and the book will seek to curb that trend through helping couples pray and stay together.