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2014 resolutions

Rhonda A. Blackman

2014 resolutions

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In a matter of days, a new year dawns and with it brings new thinking, new resolutions. Yes, as the clock ticks to signal a new year, many people take the opportunity to reflect on the past, look at the changes they want to make for the future and resolve to follow through on them for the new year.
The new year may be the time to think about your purpose in both your private and community life. The time to reflect about who you are, who and what influences you, and what your goals and aspirations are. It is time to be catalysts for reflection rather than formulas for imitation.
I invite you, whatever your stage of life, to explore the following resolutions.
I encourage you to resolve to forgive all those who have tried to do or have done you wrong during the past year. Forgive those people who would have tried to put boulders in your path as a way to destroy or hurt you. Be comforted; boulders will remain boulders only if they are viewed as such. They can become just tiny pebbles or even stepping stones.
I implore you to resolve to forgive those who tried to stifle your professional growth and development. See their acts as just the blockage of the pet door and not that of the main entrance. The door of 2014 will unbolt and you will see the unfolding opportunities clearly. The door will emit a ray of light showing bigger, better things.
Furthermore, resolve to forgive all those gossip-mongerers who would have spread malicious rumours and lies about you, trying to tarnish your reputation. It is time to shake those people off. Be the eagle and soar to higher heights, leaving the valley birds – pigeons, sparrows and blackbirds behind.
Resolve to forgive those who owe you money and refuse to pay you intentionally or unintentionally. Your blessing will come 20-fold in the new year.
Resolve to move ahead in spite of your financial circumstances. Take the time to conduct a mindful assessment of who you are, where you are and where you want to be. Think clearly of what shapes your thinking and why you hope to change. Have the will to be an independent thinker. Do not allow people to fit you into their own mould but set realistic goals operating on a worthwhile value system.
For 2014 resolve to become more conscious of the web of relationships you spin around yourself. Rid yourself of all parasites and hold fast to those symbiotic partnerships, becoming more conscious of those mutual obligations that hold you together.
By having a greater understanding of self, you will be more capable of making wise resolutions and keeping them.
Do have a healthy and prosperous 2014!
• Rhonda?A. Blackman is an educator, a National Development Scholar and former president of the Early Childhood Association of Barbados Inc. Email:[email protected]