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Centenarian happy prayers answered

Ricardo Leacock

Centenarian happy prayers answered

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MURIEL PILGRIM is one happy centenarian.

And she could not contain her joy as she was showered with praise from friends and family during her birthday celebrations yesterday.

But before all the tributes, Pilgrim, of Paradise Village, Christ Church, gave thanks to the Creator by attending a church service at Stream Gospel Hall, St Lawrence, Christ Church, where she has been a member for many years.

Things got rolling after with a sumptuous luncheon and gift-giving at Maxwell Park, Christ Church.

“I feel proud to reach this age by the blessing of the Lord because I asked the Lord, if it is His will, to help me to get to 100 years. When it please Him to take me, I would be satisfied. I am blessed by the Almighty God and I am pleased to have attended my church where I accustomed going and He granted me that.

“I had a nice time and I am happy,” said the mother of six – three girls and three boys, who are all alive. (RL)