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Roy R. Morris

Sweet talk

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If all goes according to plan, Barbados should harvest about 13 000 more tonnes of sugar cane in 2014 than it did this year.
But industry officials are warning that Barbadians should not start counting the profits just yet since the annual decline in sugar produced from each tonne of cane harvested continues to be a major concern.
The situation is now so grave that industry experts have described the Barbadian cane-growing soil as “biologically dead” and have embarked on a programme to bring it back to life.
Informed sources in the sugar industry told the DAILY NATION that after growers met last week to review projections, they arrived at the conclusion that Barbados could reap 185 000 tonnes of cane from 10 400 acres, up from the 172 000 tonnes recorded during this year’s harvest, which produced a mere 17 000 tonnes of sugar – not enough to meet the island’s domestic and export needs.

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