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Working to rekindle Arawak’s flame

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Working to rekindle Arawak’s flame

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THE CHECKER Hall, St Lucy-based Arawak Cement Company is reporting increases in both cement and clinker production during 2013, despite the economic crisis confronting the country.
Word of this came from new general manager, Derrick Isaac, during a welcome address at the plant’s recent annual Retirement and Long Service Awards function at which 68 employees were honoured.
Isaac, who is taking over from former general manager Rupert Greene, told the gathering: “In the face of one of the more severe economic crises in modern history, our company has faced challenges sustaining the level of success for which we have been known.
“The year 2013, however, has been a year of improvement for Arawak. We have continued our plant improvement projects and will record a 27 per cent increase in clinker production and a 35 per cent increase in cement production. Propelled by resurgence of our export sales, we will also record a 40 per cent increase in cement sales.”
Isaac attributed the successes to employees going beyond the call of duty and giving exceptional service to the organization. He thanked them all for their contribution and encouraged them to participate in the process of “rekindling” the company’s flame.
“During the year we embarked on an initiative to create and select a theme which embodies the thrust to rebuild our organization. Employees from several sections of the plant formulated and proposed over 80 themes, with Let’s Rekindle The Flame . . . Starting Today being chosen as the winning one,” he said.
“This theme has been linked to a number of performance targets set for the company for 2014 such as the production and sale of 330 000 tonnes of cement, the production of 300 000 tonnes of clinker, zero accidents and zero incidents.
“To achieve this, we will require the support of all employees. Our new theme takes us further than our past achievements. It reminds us that we need to continually move from where we are . . . ,” the general manager noted. (PR)