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Day of Prayer


Day of Prayer

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THE BARBADOS Christian Council is asking Barbadians to send up mass prayers as the country braces for the impact of the 3 000 Government workers who will be laid off in the drive to reduce costs.
Council chairman Monsignor Vincent Blackett told the WEEKEND NATION yesterday that a Day of Prayer on January 16 as part of new and ongoing measures by the wider church to assist those feeling the impact of the harsh economic times.
“We want every Christian to be praying on that date for Barbados. So you can do that in groups and so on and then finishing off the day with one big service where we invite people to come together and pray [on] that day,” he said.
Blackett said people could choose to observe the day in various ways.
“They can light a candle in their home for the day and say some prayers or they can get together with their neighbours, get together in churches. . . .but then we want to have an ecumenical service for that day,” Blackett stated.
Details for the Day of Prayer and the service and other ways in which churches can cushion the impact of the layoffs, which have already started, will be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the council.
“This is one issue I feel that all the churches need to come together on, because together we may be able to do more than individually,” Blackett stated.