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I CONFESS: Good Bajan women exist

marciadottin, [email protected]

I CONFESS: Good Bajan women exist

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The following?are in response to last Saturday’s I Confess headlined, Wicked Things Women Do . . . in which a man dubbed females as “the biggest hypocrites in this country”.
He said they complain about men being no good but never speak about the “horns” and “ready-made shirts” (children) they give men; the amount of money out of men and when he can no longer give, blank him; grabbing men’s property for themselves and their family, though they found him with everything; and how the law in Barbados seems to work mostly for them.
I AGREE with this person only to a certain point.
It is wrong for him to label all Bajan women, or all women in general as wicked. There are plenty good, decent Barbadian women who have been dogged. And there have been a few unscrupulous women too, whom I personally met in my lifetime who have done some of what was stated – it really boggled the mind.
I wanted so much to ask those women why were they disrespecting themselves but never could get the nerve to do so.
I am a Barbadian woman who was dogged by Bajan men. Am I accusing all Barbadian men as wicked? No, only someone with a narrow mind would do such.
The men whom I was attraced to in those days were women magnets, it seems. Because every man that showed me any attention other women wanted, or the man/men couldn’t control their urges.
Either way, I was cheated on by every man I ever dated while living in Barbados. Two went behind my back and married other women.
Did it bother me? Yes.
Did I let those episodes cloud my judgment? No.  
Lighten up, bro. There are still some decent Barbadian women around. You just have to take your time.You are checking out the wrong parts. Start looking at the heart and soul of the women. It is not what the woman says; it is what she does.
Not too long ago I was considering giving a Barbadian man a try again. However, his actions weren’t compatible with his words; therefore, I had to give him the boot.
And that is what both men and women should do and stop wasting other people’s time.
– ES

This man is a big joker
WICKED THINGS women do? Oh, how wrong he is.
He should have written, wicked things women did to me.
This man is a big joker; he is really a big a boy. How could he say this about women when his mother, sister, aunt and cousins would be women?
He also wrote Bajan women need to be told in no uncertain terms that they are selfish, unfriendly, suspicious and really don’t know how to care for a man. He should have added that they really don’t know how to deal with little boys like him.
Women are worthless because boys like you won’t grow up.
Boys, not real men, are always boring in bed.
Boys go to chuch looking for fun.
Men go to church looking up to God.
The love of your life is more important than a house.
Boy, you also need to go and read your Bible. Do you realize the good book said, “A man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing”?
God knows your needs and your wants. That’s why I said men in church should go after God.
What was the reason you were in church, or did God show you that was not the right woman for you?
My advice to you is to stop accusing God’s greatest creation of being wicked. Also, stop abusing your self, little boy. Get a foreigner woman if Bajan women won’t do for you.
I also want to tell you that I think your attitude is despicable. Leave the Bajan women alone and stop tormenting yourself.
Women would be the biggest hypocrites as long as sweet boys like you continue to be jokers.
You could have been planning to do to them the same thing they did to you, but they did it first and like the little boy you are, you’re hurt and are now striking out.
In fact, I don’t feel you are a Bajan boy either. But whatever you are, you should give God thanks every day of your life.
Try being alone. I do and I am a happy single Bajan woman.
– MB
Most only about feeding their egos
I AM totally appreciative of the very balanced view of the article. Based on personal experience and observation, I too hold the view that a lot of women today can’t handle being told the truth about their actions and indiscretion.
The thing is, a woman probably won’t stay with this kind of guy who has the guts to bare all with respect to their erratic and uncompromising behaviour because most women these days are only about their big-headed egos being fed by other men they might be able to manipulate – in my opinion the real men who are in crisis.
Trust me, they are still good noble men left out there but even these guys have fear in their hearts if they have to pursue a new relationship all because of what this writer has highlighted.
In conclusion, when next you hear a woman say that a good man is hard to find, ask her two basic questions – how did you treat the last man you had? And, what exactly are you looking for in a man?
The answer to these questions normally is an indication of where the woman’s head is at.