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PUDDING & SOUSE: Ball in mystery woman’s court

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Ball in mystery woman’s court

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A WELL-KNOWN young woman now holds the key to a widely circulated sex video.
Apparently, many people have been able to identify her by the two tattoos which she loves to show off on her left thigh, and she is now being bombarded with calls to reveal the man who was engaged in the sexual act on the video with her.
So far, the lass, who it is said hails from a rural parish, has not revealed a word.
Her only statement, said someone who claims to know her well, was that she likes her men to wipe their mouth clean after having a meal.
But Bajans in general, and many women in particular, are hoping that with more pressure she will reveal who the man on the tape really is. And this is not just because they want to verify it is not a certain person, but they are curious about the man’s dexterity.
For sure when she does, it should clear the name of the man widely thought to be her partner in the scene. He has stated categorically and emphatically that he is not the person involved.
The person may look something like him – similar complexion, girth, hair-cut and features – but this important person dismissed this resemblance as the only reason the clip was given such currency in the first place. That is, it was extracted and used to discredit him.
Pudding & Souse takes the word of this important person as he is an honourable man. It is therefore hoped the rumours would stop.
A fool and his money . . .
OLD?YEAR’S NIGHT started with a big bang for a certain big-up, but at the end of the night he was penniless and without a woman.
This businessman, who likes to brag that he only sleeps with pretty, young girls, paid for his new fling and all her girlfriends to party at a high-flying event that night.
However, after several hours of partying and spending all of his money, the three women dumped him and left the club with three younger men.
Here’s hoping that this money-making man starts the new year with a new strategy.
Forbidden friendship
ONE?OF?THE?children of a man who has gone to the great beyond is causing the family some concern.
Sources told Pudding & Souse that the child is friendly with an individual who has been linked to an illegal activity.
This state of affairs has not gone down well with the matriarch of the family who, we understand, has told the child to end the friendship.
Some observers are extremely worried about this development since the father’s legacy was thought to be destined for this child. Now they are saying they may have to turn to another sibling to fill the late man’s big shoes.
Not business as usual
SUSPICION?IS?running high at a certain organization after an official resigned a few months after taking up a senior post.
Management is in a quandary after discovering this official is now planning to open his own company, which will be similar in nature to the operations at their organization.
It is now being revealed he has not only taken some of the senior employees with him, but fears are that he also has the client list.
The police may be called in to determine if this is a case of insider trading but they may have a hard time proving a case since one of the parties at the centre of planned new business has taken certain steps.
This is definitely not going to be business as usual.