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2 weeks

Trevor Yearwood

2 weeks

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Thick dust in the air and slushy conditions under foot should soon be a thing of the past in St Martin’s, St Philip.
The unfinished road that caused the problems will be completed in another two weeks, Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley promised yesterday during a tour in which he apologized to residents, businesses and even St Martin’s-Mangrove Primary School for the inconvenience.
“I am moving full steam ahead to have this matter closed and to again bring some comfort to the residents and to the business houses,” he told reporters, even as vehicles triggered dust clouds on the road and construction workers prepared for the laying of an asphalt surface.
“We will have this road completed within a two-week time frame.”
Lashley and senior officers from his ministry, including Permanent Secretary Bruce Alleyne, toured St Martin’s against the backdrop of complaints from businesses, motorists and residents, including parents of schoolchildren.