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Doc: Minor calls a pain

Mike King

Doc: Minor calls a pain

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THE?physician in charge of the Emergency Ambulance Service says there is a worrying number of Barbadians being transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) with minor injuries and complaints.
Speaking at a Press briefing yesterday morning, Dr David Byer said some Barbadians were abusing the ambulance service because some of them were of the view that once they arrived at the hospital in an ambulance they would receive faster treatment.
“It is not widescale but it concerns me. There were instances last year when we would have gone for patients with very minor complaints such as centipede bites and toothaches.
“The ambulance can’t refuse calls, we go for everything. But for example, if we set off for someone with a centipede bite in St Lucy, and a genuine emergency comes in, such as a gunshot wound, we can radio the ambulance and have it rerouted.
“However, if we get to Crab Hill and placed the person in the vehicle, before receiving another call, the ambulance cannot get the call on Highway 2A and put out the person with the centipede bite and go for the person with the gunshot  wound,” he said.