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Close call for Hurdle

Carlos Atwell

Close call for Hurdle

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A simple matter of where he chose to sit might have saved Adrian Hurdle’s life on Thursday.
Today the saying “There, but for the grace of God go I” has special significance for the 39-year-old Hurdle of Christ Church.
His experience is chillingly similar to that of passenger George Anthony Blackman, 62, of Christ Church, but the difference is that Hurdle is alive.
On the fateful morning both men were on board the Speightstown-bound minibus that was involved in an accident with a Transport Board bus along Eagle Hall, St Michael; both were in the back seat and they were both thrown from the vehicle as a result of the accident. Blackman died on the spot.
A SUNDAY SUN team visited Hurdle, who is in a wheelchair as a result of his injuries, yesterday at his home.
He said he thanked God to be alive and to be able to continue being with his young son.
“I am lucky and blessed and I thank God to be alive,” he said.
Hurdle recounts his tale.
“I was in the minibus around 5 a.m. heading to St James. It was not the bus I usually catch but I saw other people who I know catch the other bus getting into this one, so I got in too as I figured the other man wasn’t coming. I got in and sat on the left-hand side of the back seat,” he said.
Hurdle said Blackman was seated on the right side of the same seat, so it may just be a simple twist of fate that determined who lived and who died.
Hurdle suffered multiple injuries: three cracked ribs, a separated right shoulder, a bruised pelvis and tissue damage to his lower back.
He is now restricted to a wheelchair and has a sling on his arm and has been advised to get plenty of bed rest. He also needs a specialist to tend to his shoulder.