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Rush to fill out BTC papers

Heather-Lynn Evanson

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There has been been a flurry of activity at the Barbados Turf Club and it has nothing to do with race days.
It comes as horse owners rush to complete “change of ownership forms” to protect themselves from liability.
This revelation has come from one of the driving forces behind the year-old HORSE charity, Monique Archer.
Speaking to the SUNDAY?SUN, Archer said that since a number of stories had appeared in the media about the deplorable conditions of former race horses and that owners, who still held the ownership papers of those horses, could face prosecution despite the horse having been turned over to others, owners had inundated the Turf Club with requests to transfer the ownership of those horses.
“I think we’ve made progress,” explained Archer, “because we started out with people thinking that they were no longer responsible for the animal, as long as they gave it away, even if they kept the horse in their name at the Turf Club. That perception has changed rapidly given the response the Turf Club is now seeing.”