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Take heed

Tim Slinger and Yvette Best

Take heed

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Road hogs face a crackdown as the traffic division of the Royal Barbados Police Force moves to bring order to the road, especially in cases where drivers “run red lights”.
And, said head of the traffic division, Assistant Superintendent Antonio Forte, there are an increasing number of unregistered vehicles and illegal motorcyclists engaging in very indiscriminate stunts on the roads.
Forte and police public relations officer Inspector David Welch made an appeal to the traffic offenders to stop or be prosecuted as police embark on a major crackdown on culprits by increasing its patrols and surveillances.
Their comments came days after a mass casualty situation at Eagle Hall, St Michael, on Thursday in which 62-year-old George Anthony Blackman, of Harts Gap, Christ Church, died after a collision involving a minibus and a Transport Board omnibus.
Last year Barbados recorded a significant reduction in road fatalities with 19 deaths compared with 28 for 2012.

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