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Not me and Mia

Tim Slinger

Not me and Mia

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A CONTROVERSY IS brewing within the political ranks of the opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP).
According to correspondence obtained by the DAILY NATION, former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has questioned the leadership of Opposition Leader Mia Mottley and has indicated he no longer has faith or confidence in her.
“But I am now unable, beginning with the meeting that you are attending, to subject myself to Miss Mottley’s leadership for the very clear reasons I have outlined in this note,” Arthur wrote in a signed six-page letter, dated last December 30.
His disclosure was made to St James Central MP Kerrie Symmonds, identified as “Leader of Opposition Business in Parliament”, outlining reasons for refusing to attend a special meeting of the BLP parliamentary group to be chaired by Mottley on the said date.
Arthur disclosed that Mottley went against his wishes by publicly identifying him as a nominee for her proposed eminent persons group to deal with the economic crisis facing the country.
In a DAILY NATION interview a week ago, Arthur described the proposal as a gimmick which would have no bearing on Government’s plans to deal with the economic woes Barbados was facing.
In his letter, the former prime minister said despite his concerns, Mottley still went ahead and at a news conference proposed that he should serve as a member of the group.