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Works of art

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Behold! Women’s Work!
That’s the title of an exhibition displaying the powerful, artistic works of 12 women, and which is currently under way at the Gallery of Caribbean Art, Northern Business Centre, Speightstown, St Peter.
Since its December 15 opening, this exhibition has attracted many, and will probably continue to do so until it comes to an end on January 16.
The brainchild of artist Heidi Berger, whose main body of works is related to the lives of women, this exhibition is one you definitely do not want to miss.
Berger, who calls herself “an observer and a witness”, is joined by seasoned artists Alison Chapman-Andrews, Heather Dawn-Scott, Ann Rudder, Joyce Daniel, Tracey Williams, Nathalie Atkins-Hinds, Nakazzi Hutchinson, Simbah Pile, Corrie Scott, Lilian Sten-Nicholson and Martina Pile-Zahles.
Behold! Women’s Work! shows the collective strength of “women’s work” in a line-up of female artists who have also made significant contributions as administrators, writers, teachers, curators and promoters of Caribbean art. (CH)