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Losing passion for sex every day

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Losing passion for sex every day

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Dear Christine,
Perhaps you and your readers can give me some advice.
I am 20 years old and got married five months ago while still a virgin.
Prior to my husband, who is 23 years old, I had no other relationship with another male. I came up in a “strict” environment where my mother was submissive to my father. Nevertheless, I honestly respect the values they have taught me.
My husband and I love each other and have a wonderful relationship – except for one thing. He wants us to make love every day. I have done this from our wedding night, but now, the passion I had for this is no longer there.
I am simply going through the motions and do not know how to tell him that we don’t have to have sex daily – like it’s some ritual. I know to talk to him will mean hurting his feelings.
What should I do?
– Newly Married
Dear Newly Married,
Talk! What your husband is doing is taking the passion for sex from you and satisfying his own sexual hunger.
   This is wrong and you need to talk to him. In fact, some of the time spent “going through the motions” should be spent in discussion about your sex life.
While there’s nothing unusual about a very young man with a “willing” sexual spouse, your husband has taken this a little bit too far.
Speak your mind in a loving way. Talk!