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Crop Over launch to entice sponsors

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Crop Over launch to entice sponsors

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GOVERNMENT CONTINUES to nudge businesses that are not investing in the Sweetest Summer Festival to come on board.
Speaking at a sponsors’ launch of the 2014 Crop Over Calendar at Kensington Oval last night, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley said they wanted to ensure that the people who benefited from the $80 million generated annually could give back something to the festival.
Lashley said licensing the name Crop Over was an option open to producer, the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), if appeals did not work.
“We feel that by appealing to our corporate citizens, particularly those who benefit from Crop Over, to really assist us in building the festival, that we will really take it to a next level.
“But it is really no secret that many entities benefit from Crop Over, but they have not yet seen it fit to really put back in investment into the festival and I think the festival really needs that.”
Last night’s launch involved artistes, tent managers, sponsors and other stakeholders. Sweet Soca Monarch Blood performed. (YB)