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Music Awards have lost their way

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Music Awards have lost their way

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THE?INAUGURAL Barbados Music Awards were held in 2006, a time of relative plenty.
But it wasn’t for Ronnie Morris.
In an interview following the first-ever night of pomp and pageantry, the then 25-year-old revealed he received little financial support. Notwithstanding the challenges, through sweat, tears and determination, the awards ceremony on a 166-square-mile isle attracted international media attention and music scouts from outside the region.
Despite minor flaws, many entertainment pundits boasted that locals could pull off an outstanding event.
Even though there were just a few songs ‘pon de replay’ at the time, Rihanna came out to receive her awards.
Over the years Morris and his team were able to host Joe Jackson, Cissy Houston, Fantasia and Regina Belle against a background of dwindling consumer confidence and skyrocketing costs.
So this year, singing the blues about the battered economy is just not good enough, Mr Morris.
You should by now have the knack for pulling it off despite the hard times.
The usual build-up to the first Barbados Music, Fashion and Film Awards was sullied by sudden and frequent changes to the line-up and format. And as popular as Porgie and Murda might be, they do not a closing act make, especially for an awards ceremony that has the title ‘premiere’ attached to it.
To be honest, there was an absence of veritable attention-grabbing musical talent, save for Malissa Alanna, Dwane Antonio and Ian Webster.
The fashion was the saving grace of the event, which highlighted the best cuts of the cloth from Barbados and the wider region.
The inclusion of film was a laudable move, however, it was nothing more than handing out awards as opposed to awarding the best film of the year through healthy competition.
As for the dwindling number of patrons at the two-turned-one-night event, the best comment that they could muster was “at least they tried”.
If money was such an issue, why bother to stage it if quality will be compromised?
The reality is that there were no breakout stars in 2013. Even the first-time awardees have been working at their musical trade for quite a few years, and the same names took home the same awards.
Barbadians can be a patient people. We will sit and wait for BMAs that are able to recapture the prominence of its predecessors.
The BMAs are broken, please fix them. (LW)
Male entertainer of the year: Anderson Blood Armstrong
Band/Group of the year: Soka Kartel
Soca Artiste of the Year: Anderson Blood Armstrong
Pop/Rock Artiste/Group of the Year: Rihanna
Jazz Artiste/Group of the year: Elan Trotman
Album of the Year: Unapologetic (Rihanna)
Song of the Year: Stay (Rihanna)
Songwriter of the Year: Livvi Franc
Producer of the Year: Peter Coppin
Female Entertainer of the Year: Rihanna
Reggae Artiste of the Year: Buggy Nhakente
Soul/R&B Artiste of the Year: Dwayne Antonio
Calypso (Social Commentary) Male: Ian Webster
Female: Chrystal Cummins-Beckles
Gospel Artiste: A Few Good Men
Best New Artiste: Porgie and Murda
Hip Hop/Rap Artiste/Group: Nitro