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Dusty road to better conditions

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Dusty road to better conditions

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RESIDENTS OF Duncans, St Philip, are bearing the dusty conditions of an unfinished road as they wait for better conditions.
Business owner in the area, Winslow Moore, said he had seen a fall-off in business since the work began around mid-last year.
“My business slow down a bit because of how long it was taking . . . and we don’t have parking space.”
However, the owner of Nancy’s Bar said he did not mind the wait, since the roads in Duncans were always in a bad state.
     Moore added he spent “thousands of dollars” paving a road himself before the Government started the project. He believed the delay “was the price of progress” as natural gas would also be installed in homes as part of the work.
     Another resident, Anderson Greenidge, also said while the work was moving slowly, he had noticed the progress being made.
    He added the problems usually came with the rains, which created large puddles.
     Greenidge said he had delayed repairs to his car until the work was completed. (LW)