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Not in danger

Randy Bennett

Not  in  danger

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AT A TIME WHEN CUTBACKS have become the norm, Minister of Sport Stephen Lashley has given the assurance that the National Sport Council’s (NSC) Inter-Parish Road Tennis Championships are not in jeopardy of being axed.
Speaking to NATION SPORT at the conclusion of Saturday night’s finals at the Springer Memorial School, Lashley confirmed that another edition of the popular tournament was on the cards.
“We will have another Inter-Parish tournament this year”, he said.
“We believe that it has been working for us and of course the NSC has already started to plan for next year’s tournament.
“I honestly do not think that there is a danger of this tournament being affected.
“There will be priorities set within the NSC, but of course one of those priorities will be ensuring that we can develop our indigenous road tennis game.”
The final was played for the first time at the Government Hill venue, and the minister said that he was quite satisfied with the new location.
Lashley pointed out that as usual, a review of the tournament would be done, with the view of looking at ways to improve it.
“I think that here at Springer the atmosphere has been very exciting.
At previous years we were at Dover, but the atmosphere here has been great and the venue has proven to be a very good one.
“It is an indoor facility and although the rain did not fall, I would say that we had a very successful tournament this year,” he added.
The Minister confirmed that plans were still in the making for several courts across the island to be covered.
And although he revealed that finding funding for such an initiative was proving to be difficult, he maintained that it could be done.
“Road tennis is the kind of game, particularly in competitions, which should be played under a shelter,” Lashley contended.
“We believe that we are going to take a very hard look at of least three or four courts across Barbados to see what we can do in terms of providing a cover.
“Of course that translates to money and that is something that the NSC is looking at, providing of course that we can find the funds to do it . . . but ideally we need to move towards having some of our facilities covered,” he added.